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Respected Rabbi Mourned Worldwide

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Respected Rabbi Mourned Worldwide

With deep sorrow, the KSA marks the passing of Rabbi Chaim Goldzweig of blessed memory, the Chairman of the Kashrus Committee.

Rabbi Goldzweigs’s over fifty years of peerless leadership in the kashrus field has forever set the foundation for not only the KSA, but virtually all other major kashrus agencies across the globe. The standard of professional excellence in kosher food supervision that he pioneered, and shared so generously with others, was indispensable in creating the network of present day kashrus organizations.

His unequaled broad knowledge in every field of food development and technology was made readily available to any of the thousands of inquirers, both to professionals and lay persons as well.

His legendary cheerful personality, which made him so approachable, help immeasurably in assuring good relationships with the myriad of companies worldwide that he would visit.

The immeasurable loss is felt throughout the kashrus world and well beyond.

May his memory be a blessing to us all.