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Mate Revolution, Inc.

website: www.ecoteas.com

LOC : Mate Revolution.pdf

All products must bear the KSA Symbol of certification
For any products not bearing the KSA symbol, please contact our office

Product Name Brands Description Condition
01. Organic Black TeaPareveKSA Symbol Required
02. Organic Holy MatePareveKSA Symbol Required
03. Organic Holy JasminePareveKSA Symbol Required
04. Organic Rooibos TeaPareveKSA Symbol Required
05. Organic Rooibos Chai TeaPareveKSA Symbol Required
06. Organic TulsiPareveKSA Symbol Required
07. Organic Yerba Mate TeaPareveKSA Symbol Required
08. Organic Yerba Mate PowderPareveKSA Symbol Required
09. Organic Yerba Mate ToastedPareveKSA Symbol Required
010. Organic Holy MateEcoTeasPareveKSA Symbol Required
011. Organic Holy JasmineEcoTeasPareveKSA Symbol Required
012. Organic Rooibos TeaEcoTeasPareveKSA Symbol Required
013. Organic Rooibos Chai TeaEcoTeasPareveKSA Symbol Required
014. Organic TulsiEcoTeasPareveKSA Symbol Required
015. Organic Yerba Mate TeaEcoTeasPareveKSA Symbol Required
016. Green TeaEcoTeasPareveKSA Symbol Required
017. Black TeaEcoTeasPareveKSA Symbol Required
018. Yerba MateKrausPareveKSA Symbol Required

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