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Trader Joe's

website: levitravdnh.com

All products must bear the KSA Symbol of certification
For any products not bearing the KSA symbol, please contact our office

Product Name Brands Description Condition
Organic Breath Mints - GingermintPareve
Organic Breathmints - PeppermintPareve
10950 Baklava Assortment, 16 pc.Trader Joe'sDairy
3 Layered HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
ABC Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Abuelita's Corn/Wheat TortillasTrader Joe'sPareve
Agglomerated Instant CoffeeTrader Joe'sPareve
All Butter Pound CakeTrader Joe'sDairy
Almond, Cashews & Cranberries Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Almonds, Cashews & Chocolate Trek MixTrader Joe'sDairy
Angel Food CakeTrader Joe'sDairy
Banana Bonanza BreadTrader Joe'sDairy
Blueberry SconesTrader Joe'sDairy
Brazil NutsTrader Joe'sPareve
Burrito Flour Tortilla 10'' (Del Comal)Trader Joe'sPareve
Cheese Blintzes Trader Joe'sDairy
Chia Seed and Pinto Bean TortillaTrader Joe'sPareve
Chile & Onion Tortilla 10''Trader Joe'sPareve
Chile MangoTrader Joe'sPareve
Chile PineappleTrader Joe'sPareve
Chunky Olive HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
Cilantro Jalapeno HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
Corn BreadTrader Joe'sDairy
Cranberry Orange BreadTrader Joe'sDairy
Dry Roasted & Unsalted Diced MacadamiasTrader Joe'sPareve
Dry Roasted & Unsalted MacadamiasTrader Joe'sPareve
Dry Roasted Salted MacadamiasTrader Joe'sPareve
Dry Toasted Pignolias – Pinenuts Trader Joe'sPareve
Electrolyte Enhanced WaterTrader Joe'sPareve
European Style Organic Plain Whole Milk YogurtTrader Joe'sDairy
Go Raw Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Grapefruit JuiceTrader Joe'sPareve
Handmade Flour TortillaTrader Joe'sPareve
Handmade Whole Wheat Flour TortillaTrader Joe'sPareve
Happy TrekkingTrader Joe'sDairy
Hummus DipTrader Joe'sDairy
Hummus DressingTrader Joe'sDairy
Hummus QuartetTrader Joe'sDairy
Hummus Snack PackTrader Joe'sDairy
Inshell Pumpkin SeedsTrader Joe'sPareve
Just a Handful of Go Raw Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Just a Handful of Oh My! Omega Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Legendary Nut & Berry MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Limeade UnpasteurizedTrader Joe'sPareve
Lingonberry SconesTrader Joe'sDairy
Low Fat Cranberry & Pumpkin LoafTrader Joe'sDairy
Machine Made White Corn TortillasTrader Joe'sPareve
Mediterranean HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
Mini Orange Cranberry Tea SconeTrader Joe'sDairy
Nigari Silken Tofu - Trader Joe’sTrader Joe'sPareve
Nuts About Raspberries & ChocolateTrader Joe'sDairy
Nutty American Trek MixTrader Joe'sDairy
Oh My! Omega Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Orange JuiceTrader Joe'sPareve
Orange Juice Unpasteurized Trader Joe'sPareve
Organic 1% Lowfat MilkTrader Joe'sDairy
Organic 2% Reduced Fat MilkTrader Joe'sDairy
Organic Cream Top Whole MilkTrader Joe'sDairy
Organic Fat Free MilkTrader Joe'sDairy
Organic HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
Organic Orange JuiceTrader Joe'sPareve
Peanut Butter Trax MixTrader Joe'sDairy
Perk Up Your Trek MixTrader Joe'sDairy
Pineapple SalsaTrader Joe'sPareve
Powerberries Almonds Cashews Cranberries Trek MixTrader Joe'sDairy
Rainbow’s End Trail MixTrader Joe'sDairy
Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts with PeanutsTrader Joe'sPareve
Roasted Garlic Hummus dipTrader Joe'sDairy
Roasted Garlic Spaghetti SauceTrader Joe'sPareve
Shortcake BiscuitsTrader Joe'sDairy
Simply Almond Cashew & Mango Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Simply Almond, Cashews & Cranberries Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Simply Almonds Cashews & Chocolate Trek MixTrader Joe'sDairy
Simply the Best Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
So Fruity So Nutty Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Spicy HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
Spinach Flour TortillaTrader Joe'sPareve
Tangerine JuiceTrader Joe'sPareve
Tempting Trail MixTrader Joe'sDairy
Tomato Basil HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
Triple Fruit TreatTrader Joe'sPareve
Tropical Tendency Trek MixTrader Joe'sPareve
Tuscan White Bean HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
Wasabi Flavored AlmondsTrader Joe'sPareve
White Bean & Basil HummusTrader Joe'sDairy
Yogurt PretzelsTrader Joe'sDairy
Yogurt StarsTrader Joe'sDairy

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