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La Paz Products

website: www.lapazproducts.com/

All products must bear the KSA Symbol of certification
For any products not bearing the KSA symbol, please contact our office

Product Name Brands Description Condition
Sweet & Sour ConcentrateEl CholoPareve
Blue HawaiiHawaii's Finest QuickmixPareve
GrenadineHawaii's Finest QuickmixPareve
Mai Tai ConcentrateHawaii's Finest QuickmixPareve
OrgeatHawaii's Finest QuickmixPareve
Sweet Sour R-T-UHawaii's Finest QuickmixPareve
Bloody Mary MixLa PazPareve
Fresco Tropico Margarita MixLa PazPareve
GrenadineLa PazPareve
Mai TaiLa PazPareve
Mai Tai ConcentrateLa PazPareve
Margarita ConcentrateLa PazPareve
Margarita MixLa PazPareve
Margarita SaltLa PazPareve
Mojito MixLa PazPareve
Non-Alcoholic Blue CuracaoLa PazPareve
Non-Alcoholic Triple SecLa PazPareve
Organic Margarita MixLa PazPareve
Organic Sweet Sour MixLa PazPareve
PicklebackLa PazPareve
Pina Colada MixLa PazPareve
Skinny Margarita MixLa PazPareve
Skinny Sweet Sour MixLa PazPareve
Strawberry Margarita MixLa PazPareve
Sweet & Sour Conc. 2+1La PazPareve
Sweet Sour R-T-ULa PazPareve
Sweetened Lime JuiceLa PazPareve
Sweet Sour ConcentrateMacayoPareve
Bloody Mary MixOn The HousePareve
GrenadineOn the HousePareve
Light Margarita MixOn The HousePareve
Light Sweet Sour MixOn The HousePareve
Lime JuiceOn The HousePareve
MargaritaOn The HousePareve
Pina Colada MixOn The HousePareve
Strawberry DaiquiriOn The HousePareve
Sweet Sour RTUOn The HousePareve
Tom Collins MixOn The HousePareve
Sweet Sour Conc.PopewayPareve
Sweet Sour Conc.w/FoamPopewayPareve
Margarita Mix R-T-UQue PasaPareve
Cranberry ConcentrateQuickwayPareve
Margarita ConcentrateQuickwayPareve
Margarita Mix R-T-UQuickwayPareve
Sweet Sour Conc.QuickwayPareve
Sweet Sour Concentrate W/FoamQuickwayPareve
Sweet Sour R-T-UQuickwayPareve
Sweetened Lime JuiceQuickwayPareve

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